Charles Llewellyn III, DDSDental Care in Virginia Beach

  • What do I do if I have an after hour emergency?
    If you have a true emergency, simply call our office and the answering machine will give you a voicemail number for Dr Llewellyn. Treatment is always better delivered during normal office hours as the staff is there to aid the Doctor. But there are times when immediate treatment is necessary.
  • Can I pay for my dentistry over time?
    Our office no longer sets up payment plans, but we will work with patients individually concerning their payment. We also offer Care Credit which is a fantastic interest free way to stretch out payments over time. You can inquire at our front desk for information on Care Credit.
  • What Insurance plans does the office accept?
    The companies we participate with can be a fluid arrangement, but our front desk will be more than happy to answer that question for you. There are so many plans offered by each company that we don’t want to mislead anyone as to their coverage in our office.
  • Do I need x-rays every year?
    We do recommend bite wing xrays once a year. It is impossible to see between the teeth or evaluate the supporting bone without the luxury of dental x-rays. It often allows us to treat a problem while it is still small and avoid extensive therapy by waiting until there is pain involved from a hidden pathology.
  • When should kids start seeing the dentist?
    We’ve found over the years that the best way to start them is by having the child accompany a parent on the parents hygiene visit. It allows the child to see that mom or dad are not in any pain and actually have a good experience visiting with our hygienist. If they want to ride in the chair or have their teeth looked at briefly that’s fine. But there is no pressure to do so. And there is always the treasure basket when they leave.
  • What are crowns made of?
    This has changed substantially over the years. We make cast semi-precious metal crowns, porcelain to metal crowns, all porcelain crowns for anterior esthetics, and even all porcelain crowns that are literally unbreakable for posterior teeth for those with very strong bites.
  • Should I get white or silver fillings in my back teeth?
    Our office does predominantly white fillings in all teeth, but there are times when the silver is a good choice for the most posterior teeth. Either one will work nicely, but research has shown that silver lasts longer. There are even a few insurance companies that require silver filling in posterior teeth in order to be covered in their policy. But be certain, we always use the material the patient desires in any situation and make sure they receive an explanation concerning the different materials so an educated decision can be made. Or just because they want white if that’s the only reason. No problem.
  • Does Dr Llewellyn place dental implants?
    Dr Llewellyn does not place the actual implants, but refers that procedure to one of the local Periodontists or an Oral Surgeon. The placement of implants has advanced so much over the years that Dr Llewellyn feels the patients deserve a doctor who does these on a very regular basis to achieve the most ideal result. Dr Llewellyn works closely with the surgeon on the treatment plan as you will be sent back to our office once the implant has integrated, and he will be the one to place the final restoration on the healed implant(s).