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Charles Llewellyn III, DDS

Meet the Doctor

If you touched the “meet the Dr” tab, I’ll assume you wanted to know more about Dr Llewellyn. So I’m going against website protocol and want to introduce myself by writing this in the first person.

I did my undergraduate study at Greenville College in Greenville Illinois, a small liberal arts college in southern Illinois. I then attended the University of Illinois College of Dentistry in Chicago, where I received my Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1983. My private practice has been in operation in Virginia Beach over 30 years, and have no intention of ending my practice of dentistry any time soon.

I came to Virginia Beach immediately after graduation. Having grown up in Urbana Illinois, it was quite a change moving to the east coast. I was attracted to the state by what inspires most men to pack up and move…a woman. I married that woman, Denaze, in 1980 and have to say its one of the best things I’ve ever done.

We have three children who all reside in Virginia, and are fortunate enough to have four grandchildren…so far. Chase left the Marine Corps and is now pursuing post-graduate studies, Laura is a stay at home mom, and Luke is a Pastor at Wave Church here in VB. Some people may recognize me from my out of the office activities. I played club soccer in the area for 28 years, but a torn Achilles tendon told me it was time to retire. I also coached soccer for over 20 years to be involved with my sons as much as possible and because I’m in love with the game to this day. My daughter was not interested due to her aversion to sweating, but we were all very involved in the soccer community for a very long time. I enjoy riding motorcycles, Harley Davidson of course, so if you thought you saw me in leathers with a group of unshaven characters you might be right. Those unsavory characters are usually friends from Wave Church, where my wife and I are actively involved. I’ve been a member of Wareings gym for nearly 30 years and try to make an appearance three times a week. I do find that the older I get the more social those visits become, but at this point its more of a healthy habit. And its not at all uncommon to spot me on the beach with a beautiful blonde right here in Virginia Beach. And yes, I’m referring to my wife. So if you’ve ever been involved in any like activity, I just might look familiar to you. I also love dogs, working outdoors, and anything family.

I can honestly say that even after over 30 years of practicing dentistry, I still would not have chosen another profession. Treating and getting to know so many wonderful people over the years has been an honor and a pleasure. I don’t take lightly the trust and faith placed in my hands when someone is in my chair and trusts me with their care and that of their family. Even if the economy would allow, I am not ready to retire. At this point its more than a job, it’s a responsibility (I plagiarized that from someone but can’t remember whom). I pride myself on my dentistry but am equally proud of the relationships I’ve been able to cultivate by treating patients as I would like to be treated. I’ve found it’s the getting to know people and their life stories that makes the whole experience fulfilling for me, and being in a military town, the stories from some of our seniors are absolutely amazing.

Thank you for checking out our website and practice. Sorry if you now

know more about me than you really cared to know. But be certain that if you visit our practice, you’ll be treated warmly and with complete honesty as to your dental needs.

Meet the Team

Our staff has been very consistent over the years making your visit more comfortable knowing you’ll see faces you recognize and ladies you’ve grown comfortable with. Our goal is to take as many questions out of the equation for you by providing people who know what to do, or know whom to ask to find the answer. Our patients can feel confident speaking to anyone at the front desk because the goal is to have each lady knowledgeable enough to deliver proper care. This also extends to the treatment rooms, where our hygienists have decades of experience. There’s a very good chance that no matter the issue you present, our trained professionals have seen it before. This is most important when a patient is embarrassed about their situation and worry they might be judged on their dental state. I can assure you we all understand that things happen, and some people just aren’t as blessed as some others when it comes to strong teeth and gums. Our goal is to help, not to judge. Dr Llewellyn’s assistant takes this mindset to heart as well. You’ll meet a compassionate listener who will see your issues from a professional point of view with only the solution in mind. After 30 years in practice, there are few surprises that Dr Llewellyn cannot treat. When those cases arise we are not hesitant to refer to a specialist who can aide us in reaching our final goal.

Out of sentimentality more than necessity, I have to mention one member of our staff who recently retired. Louann was a fixture in the practice for 30 years and was responsible for raising Dr Llewellyn when he began practice at age 26. For those of you who have been patients for a long time and love seeing her when they arrive, let me say that she is content and in very good health. It was just time for her to take it easy and not concern herself with the office. She loved her relationships with the patients and we love her for her years of devotion.