Charles Llewellyn III, DDSDental Care in Virginia Beach



As of this morning, March 26, 2020, our Governor has determined that dental offices are only to perform emergency and other “necessary” procedures until April 23, 2020. This would include Hygiene visits, cosmetic dentistry, as well as anything the Dr determines can be postponed without causing further damage to the patients oral health. The American Dental Association previously recommended we follow those restrictions until April 6, but the powers that be in Richmond decided otherwise. This will create yet another struggle for the small businesses and their employees. I understand doing our part to prevent the spread of this new virus, but I also believe there are ways to mitigate the threat without far reaching mandates. In any event, that’s the present situation.
I will add some guidelines for what I have garnered from the order. Any type of dental pain or a broken tooth will certainly qualify, as would a lost restoration or large cavity that could become a bigger problem in the not too distant future. I’m also under the opinion that the delivery of permanent crowns is critical as the surrounding teeth can shift over time and render the crown ill-fitting. I believe the best course of action is to call the office with any and all issues so I can determine whether or not it can wait until the curtain is lifted.
Please be assured I’m a phone call away if the office is not staffed when you call. The emergency number is on our answering machine. Our office follows the mandated CDC precautions, always have, so there is no need to fear having something fixed if need be. God Bless and let’s pray this is all over soon.