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unapologetic promo

I wrote in an earlier blog about my wife finishing her wax technician training.  I can say without reservation that she is very good at that aspect of her profession.  But things have changed.  She is now a licensed Esthetician as well.  The ladies out there will know much more about what that entails, but she now offers facial treatments and overall skin care.  And this is where the promo begins.

There are many estheticians in the city of Virginia Beach, but I wager that few are as self educated on the subject as my wife.  She reads and studies tirelessly on the subject from the materials used, techniques employed, and what not to do with certain skin types and problems.  I had no idea, being a guy, that there are so many issues with a person’s skin and the vast number of treatments there are to rectify those issues.  I would offer some examples, but it would be akin to her recommending solutions for tooth problems…I don’t know enough to be helpful.  But I can tell you what I do know from being a very loyal client.  Yes, I do enjoy the pampering.

From a man’s point of view, I really don’t think about skin issues.  If I have a problem, I put some alcohol on it, squeeze it or pinch it and expect it to take care of itself.  But that was then.  Having had numerous facials, body scrubs and even a body wrap, I still don’t know what she does but I don’t have any of the little problems I had….and it all feels darn good.  What guy doesn’t like a face and head massage, which just happens to be a part of the treatment.  The only downside is that it comes to an end.  I have to mention that she also waxes my 57 year old ears (laugh if you want, but your time is coming), my potential unibrow, and various other cosmetic issues women are prone to notice.  But those procedures are a small price to pay when your wife is happier with the result.  Trust me guys.

So I guess this is where I find out if anyone really reads this blog.  I’m going to offer a 10 percent discount on any procedure for a new client at Denaze Aesthetics for the month of November.  I haven’t cleared this with her, but if I get in trouble I’ll deal with that later.  I really just want to get more people to realize and enjoy the benefits of what she has to offer.  Her knowledge of the subject will impress you, and if she doesn’t know or feels she cannot help, she will find someone who can.  Our philosophies are the same.  We need to make a living in our respective professions, but that is not the focus.  We want to do so by helping people with their issues and desires first and foremost.  Making money is not rewarding if you can’t help someone in the process.  If you’re interested and are one of the two people who actually read this (I hope there are more), give Denaze a call at 636-5167 and do yourself a favor.  Seriously.  And mention you read this and  want the discount.  If she seems confused just tell her I said so…I’ve been in much hotter water over our 38 years together so I can handle it.