Charles Llewellyn III, DDSDental Care in Virginia Beach


This Old House

The march of time has brought another odometer change in my life…61 years old. Those of us in that age group can empathize with unavoidable changes that piggyback on those years on earth, and a big one is maintaining some semblance of flexibility. I’ve been working out regularly since I was 16, played soccer for many years, and have asked a lot of my body in many other ways in my youth. I’m paying the dues now. Presently, it takes more time to get up off the floor than it does to accomplish whatever it was that made me stoop down in the first place. The knees rebel, the back tightens, the mouth groans. I’m not complaining because I’d to it all again the same way if given the chance. I still don’t regret the statement I’ve made on many occasions, “got to use it while you’ve got it.” I had too much fun putting this old frame of mine through the paces that I shudder to think what my youth would have been like without those poorly thought out activities of my youth. The real news is that my wife and I have ventured into a new world that has the promise of making those battle scars a little less troublesome. Yoga.
Belonging to the generation I’m lucky enough to be counted among, Yoga had a bit of a stigma attached to it. Those of us with partially closed minds looked at it as an activity for women and men from California. Not something manly men do. Manly men do stuff where you run into other men in sporting event, or other outdoor activities that carry with it the chance of being injured. No blood no foul. Leave that bendy, stretchy, Ommm stuff to the ladies. That ignorant mindset was put to rest forever when I met the owners of a local hot yoga studio here in Virginia Beach. These kind and gentle brothers seek to relieve people of their bodily ailments, while treating the stress of life with their expertise. Their personal history is what put to rest my wrong thinking where all things Yoga are concerned. I know all Yoga instructors or those who practice it fall into their category, but being kind and gentle is made doubly easy when you know you can kick most people’s butt if it became necessary for personal protection or that of your family. Yes, these guys are tough. There’s nothing more intimidating than a jiu jitsu black belt who is extremely flexible. They could tie most of us in a knot in seconds and have us tapping the floor so fast we’d resemble the family dog stomping his paw when you scratch his sweet spot.
So yes, I’m doing Yoga, and I recommend it for everyone. I’m more flexible, joints don’t hurt as much, and I have an activity I do with my wife that we both enjoy. I still groan when I get up off the floor, but not as much. My spiritual peace has been in place for years, in fact we’ll be celebrating where my peace lies this Easter weekend, but this old house if feeling a lot better. I recommend all you other old codgers out there who lived life to the fullest but have the sore joints to prove it just give it a try. It’s not just for women, and never has been. Some of us are just slow learners.