Charles Llewellyn III, DDSDental Care in Virginia Beach


There Him Was

I know what you’re thinking, Dr. Llewellyn has completely forgotten how to use proper English judging from the title. It’s actually an inside the family way of speaking created by my wife many years ago. Whenever she saw our young children, even if it had only been a few seconds since she took eyes off of them, it was always, “there him was!” Or, “there her was!” It has become so commonplace in our house it now applies to our dogs as well. It’s one of those things our kids hear and smile at the fact that the term is very particular to their mom, and it has the ability to bring warm fuzzies.
In this particular case, it marked her first viewing of our grandson, Levi Nash Llewellyn. Levi appeared on Sunday, September 17, to claim his own greeting of “There him was!” from his Big Mama (yeah, that’s what they call her). The boy weighed in at a healthy 7lbs 10ozs, and couldn’t be more handsome. Not a big surprise as his parents are the attractive couple gracing the opening page of my website. I hope I didn’t cause too much damage by passing down what appears to be my nose, but I figure he’ll be able to work around that. Levi is the first grandchild I was able to touch and see just hours after he came into this world. My daughter, Laura, has three kid who were all born in north western Virginia, so I was obviously the one who stayed home and wrangled the dogs while Big Mama sped to hospital. Word on the street is that Laura plans to bring her brood home this weekend to get some snuggles on the new addition because she can’t wait to get her hands on the little guy. Isn’t it funny how God designed the fairer sex? They can smell a baby from 100 yards away and simply must hold it and make all those soft, comforting sounds to the latest miracle. It’s a blessing to watch. Personally, I don’t like to hold babies that aren’t related to me. They’re so tiny and fragile that I prefer to leave that to the pros.
I have to say the most heart-warming part of our first visit was watching the new parents stare at their joint effort in human formation with awe and wonder. In fact, the first time Levi heard Luke’s voice, he opened his still cloudy eyes and stared at the guy holding him as if to say,”so that’s the voice I’ve been hearing for all those months in my mama’s belly.” He immediately calmed down and stopped fussing, which in turn caused his dad to immediately rain water from his eyes at the fact that this was his son and the bond had begun. As I say there watching Luke hold his brand spanking new little boy, it struck me that he now knows exactly how I look at him to this very day. It’s a love that cannot be explained as any attempt just brings head shaking and shoulder shrugging. I saw in his eyes as he looked at the swaddled little bundle that it was official, he would kill or die to protect this baby from harm. And now he knows for certain that I would do the same thing for either one of them, the new mother Katie as well, without hesitation.
I’m looking forward to his cousins meeting him because they’ve been waiting for Llewellyn cousins for some time now. I know Waylon loves the fact that he has another boy in the family. We’ll have to explain to him that Levi isn’t quite ready to discuss the wonderful world of tractors yet, but give it time, son, give it time.