Charles Llewellyn III, DDSDental Care in Virginia Beach



Well…our move is complete and we are now comfortable in our new office setting. It took some doing, and there are still bugs to work out, but things are going very well. More space to move around, extra operatory space for emergencies, and most importantly a happier staff. In hind sight I think taking a couple days off would have been a good idea, but no, I decided to work in the previous space on Friday and the new space on the following Monday. I spent the entire weekend moving supplies and small equipment and then putting all of those supplies away in the new office. So imagine you’re my assistant arriving at work on Monday morning with a full schedule. Yep. it was dicey. I was the only one who knew where things were, and half the time I had no idea where I put them. And then there’s the front desk staff, my wife included. With the move happening so quickly from deciding to move to the move itself, much time was spent on the phone telling patients we had moved and giving directions on how to get here. Fortunately the new office is only 0.3 miles down the road, but glitches did come. In spite of the fact that I remember very little about the months of July and August, it was all worth it. I do miss sharing a private office with my good friend Dr. Coalter and discussing pretty much every issue both private and public. But there are always tradeoffs in life. We still stay in touch and help one another whenever we can.
Now if we can get the insurance companies we deal with to act like they care about their clients and dentists, life will be good. The companies are trying their best to take the joy out of practicing by convoluting what was a very good system for all parties involved, but I vow to keep working through their plots to increase only their own bottom line.
Life is good. And I want to encourage anyone who reads this to give their loved ones a hug today. In the end its all that matters.