Charles Llewellyn III, DDSDental Care in Virginia Beach


Know Thine Age

Virginia Beach has done the entire area a great service this year by providing us with the Ignite Fitness Park on 36th Street at the beach. It’s an outdoor area where a person can get a great workout in the open air doing things you don’t normally get to do as an adult. Inclined monkey bars, rope climbs, dip bars, and….the swinging rings. This particular fun filled activity needs to be viewed with eyes that are well aware of their age.
On September 17, I participated in what is know as a Goruck Light Challenge. You can google it to get more information, but basically its a challenge run by special forces cadre to give us soft civilians a very small glimpse at what these guys do in their training. And by small glimpse I mean for only 5 hours, one day, with limited weights and exertion compared to the Special Forces guys who do this day in and day out with no sleep and with obstacles that defy reason. In any event, you start off in the ocean with your weighted ruck sack on so you begin wet and sandy. Then you ruck (hike) for about 9 miles carrying team loads around Seashore State Park. At one point we were given new weights to move in the form of large logs, all of which is interspersed with squats, sit-ups, and other random exercises as the Cadre sees fit. Long story short, I successfully completed the challenge while being the oldest participant by a long shot, so I was feeling pretty good about myself. Now back to the swinging rings.
So on September 24th my wife and I went to the aforementioned Fitness Park for a quick workout. With the workout almost completed I decided to navigate the rings, which I had done before. How could I possibly get hurt swinging on rings over a soft sandy floor in the beautiful beachfront air? Well…I’m 59 years old. A fact that my mind cannot seem to grasp. Halfway through the apparatus, I grabbed the ring with my left hand and swung toward the next ring. That’s when I heard a horrible crunching sound coming from my left elbow and a sudden bunching of my bicep into my upper arm. Strangely enough, it didn’t hurt that bad but I knew immediately what I had done. I had torn my muscle from its mooring. And that’s the moment I realized my tendons were as old as the rest of my body. Darn it. My wife took it from there and chaperoned her crotchety old husband to the car and took him home for some ice therapy.
So…I’ll be having reattachment surgery on October 11 and will be in a sling for nearly two weeks. After which time I’ll have a splint, which I promise you I will learn to navigate to allow me to hold a dental mirror. Still gotta pay the mortgage. I’ll be available with the sling on to consult and lead those with dental issues in the right direction, or at least patch things up until I can wield a drill again. Trust me, even if I didn’t want to come to the office, if I spent two weeks at home with nothing to do my wife would personally take me somewhere and drop me off. Seems she doesn’t need my opinion on everything she does normally while I’m at work. Go figure.
After two torn Achilles tendons and now a bicep, I may have had the epiphany I needed. I’m not a young man any more. A fact I will remember next time I want to participate in an activity that is designed for younger people. At least until I see something cool that looks like fun. Which is another reason two weeks at home isn’t a good idea…I can be a tad stubborn. Just ask the woman who loves me anyway.