Charles Llewellyn III, DDSDental Care in Virginia Beach


It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

I figured I’d better write another entry, finally, since the situation has changed dramatically since my last one. I need to preface any further comments by saying that we’re still thankful for the report from that third surgery, and firmly believe God’s hand was on it in a big way. It’s just looks like God isn’t done with us yet. Translate that to mean, I still stand firmly by everything I said last time in all its aspects. Physical, psychological, and spiritual. Now on to the newest developments.
My son Chase had yet another surgery as the MRI showed new growth, and it was moving fast. So in June, we loaded up the truck and headed for Portsmouth Naval Hospital once again. I was going to make a Beverly Hill Billies reference there, but quickly realized only us old folks know who they are. Anyway, this time they pulled a Glioblastoma Multiforme out of his noggin. No need to google that one, its bad and you’ll only get freaked out. Google pictures of puppies or something instead. Our blessing this time around was an oncologist at the Naval Hospital who quickly referred Chase to Duke University where they’re having some real success with these GBMs (that’s the abbreviation for the tumor you use if you have to talk about them too much). The people at Duke are the best in the world with these things, and they treat their patients with such professionalism and compassion its unreal. I hope nobody reading this has to visit the cancer center in Durham, but if you do, you will be impressed.
Chase went down there on August 7th for the week to begin his treatment. Its the first time we haven’t been with him for something like this, so it was a bit weird, but seems the guy would rather have his new wife next to him instead of his parents. Go figure. This time, however, the surgery was very different. Now hold onto your hats, because this will sound very freaky the first time you hear it, but its working in a number of patients. The Neurosurgeon bores a little hole in his head (yuck) and inserts a catheter tube right onto the small amount of regrowth that reappeared after surgery #4. They then infuse the tumor with the Polio virus that has been altered so it can’t actually cause polio. Some smart dude somewhere figured that out, but its way over my head. So this virus has a love for these tumors, so it attaches itself to them and starts to break them up. Also, since Chase’s immune system can’t recognize the tumor as an issue and just ignores it, it does recognize the Polio virus and sends cells to the area to deal with it, causing the breakdown and destruction of both. Translation: my son is walking around with the Polio virus in his head and the battle royale that ensues. We’re very encouraged to say the least, and trusting that God brought him on this path for His glory and purposes. I do wish it was a shorter path, but it just isn’t going to be that way.
In any event, all we can do now is wait as its a one and done procedure. Our prayer is that the virus would annihilate this stupid tumor once and for all. We figure Chase is a walking miracle already, so what’s one more. I’ll try and come up with a lighter blog next time, but just wanted people to know what’s going on, and that we’re doing very well, with God’s help and that of our Church. It is well with our souls.