Charles Llewellyn III, DDSDental Care in Virginia Beach


I Saw God Today

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my Christian faith. I’m a born again, Bible believing, washed in the blood follower of Jesus Christ. They would also know that because of that faith, I treat all people with kindness and professionalism whether they share my beliefs or not. When the Bible says love your neighbor, it makes no distinction as to the spiritual beliefs of your neighbor. It simply says to love them. With that in mind, I’d love to share an experience just yesterday that in my eyes has everything to do with a higher power intervening in our lives when called upon. I also understand His response isn’t always what we hope for in the natural, but stand convinced He works for His glory in ways we cannot understand. That’s why they call it faith.
My eldest son has been fighting a recurring brain tumor for 6 years. While on active duty in the Marine Corps, the tumor was discovered and promptly removed. The tumor grew back in a very short period of time, requiring a second surgery at NIH in Maryland. His subsequent scans over the past five years have been clean, much to the surprise of the medical professionals. He needed one more clear scan for the physicians to consider the chances of recurrence small enough to release him from his regularly scheduled MRIs. Yep, you guessed it, the final scan revealed a fast growing mass in the brain which was consistent with a recurring tumor. Having been a grade 3 the previous time, the oncologist and neurosurgeon were not very optimistic about the outcome, but it had to be removed so they could evaluate the severity. To put it bluntly, they thought this was the beginning of the end. And this is where God took over.
Our Wave Church family was notified and the prayer warriors were deployed. Our Elder Board prayed over him and anointed him with oil as directed in James chapter 5. Two pastors even came to the hospital prior to surgery and said a powerful prayer asking for the miraculous…and everyone in that room believed it would happen. My original prayer six years ago was that the surgeon would encounter shriveled up necrotic tissue where the tumor had been allowing him to remove it with ease. That did not happen, but my prayer remained the same. The second surgery I believed for the same outcome, necrotic tissue like a dried prune. Did not happen, but my prayer remained the same even after 5 plus years of no sign of recurrence. Anyone who has had cancer knows that no matter how long you’ve been clean, every MRI causes angst in your heart. The news that it had returned blew us away, but once we got our feet beneath us we turned to God.
Imagine the feeling when the surgeon takes the family into the hallway for the surgical report. It’s a feeling I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Our faith was strong, but we knew God knows best. In the calm and steady tone of a neurosurgeon (wonder if they have courses on being so cool at Neurosurgeon school?) he began his report. Everything went very well. He removed half the growth and sent it to the lab for identification, and they reported atypical cells consistent with radiation necrosis..and that’s when my mind went a bit numb, but I continued listening. They then took out another piece and sent that to the lab as well for verification of their first assessment. Consistent with radiation necrosis. That’s when I went fully numb and stopped the good doctor’s speech to ask for clarification. “So what I’m hearing is that it was dead tissue and not a tumor,” I said very carefully. He looked at me and said, “no tumor”. He continued to explain how it came out quite easily and they have to send it off to have their diagnosis verified, but their lab reached the same conclusion twice. And that’s when the women present could hold their tears of joy back no longer. Truly one of the best moments of our lives.
After 7 hours of waiting, we finally get to go to ICU to visit my son after surgery. I stood at the end of the bed and watched as his mother told him the tumor was gone and the mass was dead tissue, probably the result of radiation therapy he had six years ago. If you want to know what Heaven feels like, imagine telling that to your child who went into surgery knowing that a very real possibility existed that he wouldn’t survive past one year. The peace that washed over his face is something I’ll not forget as long as I live, and the tears pouring from his mother’s eyes nearly undid me as well. The tissue identification, as I said, was radiation necrosis. I don’t for one moment believe it was from that treatment so many years ago. That was the hand of God. Now it must be used for His glory and the furthering of the Kingdom of Heaven and His Church on this earth. Otherwise it makes no sense. But I know one thing for sure: I saw God today.