Charles Llewellyn III, DDSDental Care in Virginia Beach



Are these strange times to be alive or what? Our businesses, recreation, jobs, everything is being affected in ways there is no way we could have predicted. The good news is that at some point it will pass. But as bad as it is, I still have a tough time comparing it to a Hurricane like many areas (Panama City, St Martin, Bahamas) have gone through in the past few years. At least our buildings and infrastructure are still standing and we can jump right back into life once the dust settles. I may need a little help from the bank if it continues too long, but I think we can pull out of it.
My office has taken drastic steps to ensure that we don’t have any part in spreading any of those nasty little microbes, and here’s what we’re doing. All Hygiene appointments have been canceled and will be rescheduled once the powers that be come up with a plan the can eliminate person to person contact. That, of course, is virtually impossible to accomplish when you’re having any type of dentistry performed, but I’m referring to contact with other patients. I will be monitoring my staff, which will be skeletal, by interviewing them as to their out of the office activities as well as taking a temperature reading when they arrive and when they leave the office. We have always practiced sanitization and sterilization protocols, so trust me, there is nothing living on our equipment of countertops. I thought we were thorough before, but you should see these ladies now. I think they like to kill everything twice out of spite for the virus. I will still be available for necessary procedures and plan on being in the office every day until 12 o’clock, but will be screening emergencies as I always do through my emergency cell phone number. I live less than a mile from the office so I can arrive quickly if needed. Maybe even faster than usual since I tend to go stir crazy if I remain idle for any length of time. That trait also has my wife hoping and praying someone will call just to get me out of the house for a little while.
So everyone please limit your contact and keep you social distance (not a problem for us because we tend to do that under normal circumstances). If we all do our small part, I pray we can get out from under this viral cloud and get back to our lives as we knew them. Kinda makes one appreciate that normal a little more now, doesn’t it. These United States have defeated worse enemies and situations in the past, and together with God’s help, we can do it again.

Dr L